Without competition

Even though beautiful nature and the geographic advantages of Mali Lošinj have been attracting tourists for years, they have not been sufficient for the repositioning of Mali Lošinj as a top quality destination on the global tourist map. Therefore, we decided, five years ago, to present Mali Lošinj as a tourism brand, which will continually bring more tourists from throughout the world.

Over a million overnight stays this year, and two million in 2009 (4% more in relation to 2008), many awards for tourism, (Silver Flower of Europe 2009, Tourism champion of Croatia 2007 and 2008), and international awards for responsible tourism (Premio di turismo responsabile 2010), all prove that this effort has paid off. We dedicated ourselves to sustainable development through ecological projects. As a top destination, which aims at excellence and the sustainable development of tourism, we nurture the cultural heritage and sights which Mali Lošinj offers. A high quality approach to the modern tourist is only possible with a programme which exceeds all expectations.

To achieve this, branding of destinations is vital, where Mali Lošinj is one of the national leaders with superb results. The fact that 250,000 tourists visited the Lošinj archipelago proves this. We are handling foreign competition quite easy, using modern marketing and PR tools and active communication to all involved. We also manage to promote what we do best as well as all those features which distinguish us from other global tourist destinations. All our promotion activities, fairs and cultural programmes, consisting of around 250 events every year, benefit tourism, whilst our numerous seminars prove our constant desire for improvement. We support open dialogue, innovation and quality service and deal with all problems in the field as quickly as possible.

The recent 27th world spearfishing championship offered us a great opportunity for additional destination branding. This was one of the biggest sporting events in Croatia and we used it as an opportunity to position Mali Lošinj as the world spear-fishing centre.

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