Welcome to Lošinj, island of vitality.

Why Mali Losinj Apartments

Enjoy the refreshing sea breeze and the hospitality of local people. Enjoy the mild Mediterranean climate, sea, sun and beauty of the green landscapes, hiking, biking and pedestrian tracks. Walk pine forest, get to know numerous plants and animal species, and the especially prominent dolphins – residents of only the cleanest seas. Mali Losinj apartments

Mali Losinj apartments Laura

Make your holidays unforgettable! We are in tourism since 1960s and we’ve come to enjoy great confidence from our guests who keep returning to us in Losinj. They return because of our clean sea, beautiful beaches, the sun and “their” house for the holidays. Visit us in Mali Losinj apartments, and as our guests, find out how our house can feel every bit as your own.



Nada Osenar, 2011.

Island is beautiful, and owners very pleasant. We are regulars since 2004.

Alex Genni, 2011.

Another powerful, diverse and unique place; Losinj is amazing!

Massimo Brambilla, 2009.

I will come back for sure. Everything is great great great..

Dave McGreggor, 2007.

Apartments Laura simply amaze. Good people, beautiful city. See you soon!

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